Accelerator & Life-Shells

Accelerator & Life-Shells are empty-gunning / dry-firing personal protection training classes.

You haven’t seen the like!

Close up photo of man in from of his house

There's Something To This Comfort With Defensive Equipment!

The skill building and comfort with your equipment translates into superior results in live action on the range.  as human beings we tend to learn better in the peace of a calm, safety-supervised atmosphere.  When the dust flies, we are ready and know what we are doing.

Bring firearm, security box (if you keep one), holster (if you use them) & snap caps in your caliber.  We can help you organize these items and would rather you accept our help in outfitting so that you may be more successful.  Often students come in and they bought supplies that they realize won’t serve them well.  Again, if you don’t have a firearm and would like to get one, use ours first as a help to making the right buy.

Accelerator – for all of us regular civilians

Life-Shells – Real Estate Agents, Doctors & Nurses

Classes are small for effectiveness and can be difficult to gain admission.  Contact us to get on the waiting list or for more information.  These classes just need to be experienced!

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