Mercy Wave

Mercy Wave is a special service through Graceful Guns of SAFETY SOURCE by Strategy Resource International.

Mercy Wave is geared for victims of criminal violence and people at high-risk.

Victimization Hurts

Becoming a Victim of Criminal Violence is a Painful and Complicated Experience

You are invited to have training with us at no cost.  We are considerate of your challenges and would like to see your safety factor increase should it be your choice to learn to say, “No” with greater power.  Some of us find out the hard way that their are predatory people around who just don’t care about others.  A healthy defensive mindset is important and we shouldn’t forget the healthy part.

Michele teaches about different types of guns in the August 2011 class.

We include caretakers of special children and adults in Mercy Wave.  If you feel the need to be prepared to mount a defense and need special consideration due to your circumstance, let us know your picture.  It is also fine to use the position set aside in our monthly class, just for you, to see what it is all about and how you feel about taking a further step.

When you are handling responsibility for a person of disability and you realize that a defensive preparedness in needed, we can help.  It is actually easier, with proper guidance, to get knowledgeable than to continue feeling the tugging awareness of responsibility unfulfilled.

Mercy Wave is supervised by Michele Holyfield, pictured at top of page.  Michele is an assistant firearms instructor in the Graceful Guns program.

We don’t like to harp on challenging aspects of life, but we also won’t turn a blind eye and leave you to cope alone.  Some hooligans see a person in a wheel chair like this one and feel they’ve got a victim near their grasp.  We like helping citizens at higher-risk be ready to turn the tables.  Just living with the confidence due to the readiness you’ve built, by your courage, study and practice can really elevate the spirit and state of mind.  We sincerely believe that this kind of empowerment makes a wonderful improvement for the person who has been living with much worry.

Please contact us with questions specific to your circumstance.  We will provide a questionnaire.  For applicants who fit our program we will turn your paperwork over to Michele to correspond with your party and walk you through your training.

Michele Instructs Turtle

Michele Instructs Turtle To Move Towards The West

You will find Michele Holyfield good to work with due to her caring nature and interest in your victory.  She felt this turtle was getting too much sun and is working at convincing him to move west into the shade of a rock.

Woman on Main Street USA

Michele Thinks About Fish

Michele is just the compassionate type; so she thinks about fish, too.  They have special needs like clean water and bugs.  Flavorful bugs, and plenty of them.  Michele originated the Graceful Guns, Mercy Wave offering.  She also inspired the development of the LTF…Michele has some good ideas.