Letter of Introduction

Single Sheet In Hand

Personally, it helps me decide what something is when I can get the information or most of it, or a bunch of what an offering is on one page printed out and in my hand.

Then I pour a coffee and have a look.

In the heat of the warm season, I am more likely to fill a tall glass of icy lemonade.

However you work your evaluations and contemplations, we’d like you to have and introduction to Graceful Guns that you can hand to your spouse, kids, grand-kids, a friend or neighbor…

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Our Graceful Guns Monthly Class of Max 5 students is your solution to so many firearm teaching scenarios that really don’t turn the keys as needed.

The level of personal attention and commitment to your success is special.

“I teach firearms regularly to promote knowledge of the truth of our God-given right to personal protection by the state of the science tool.  Though many systems avoid it due to concerns over liability, we use good-old-fashioned real coaching to accelerate skill building in real defensive shooting.  I find that people need to dig in to the nitty-gritty to get a true grip on their rights; just making talk and signing papers may get a permit, but students end up unsure about the actual implementation of safety rules and uncomfortable in their protection gun management strategy.  Our rights are endowed along with an integrated package of understanding that helps us make good on maintaining the ability to mount a successful defense of self and loved-ones if needed.”  Guy Masterson, Program Director, Elephant Mountain Firearms Training.

“Early,” the gun-dog’s perspective on all this is a little different. Students mean treats.

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