FIRE-FLOW Range Sessions

Lots of folks keep a defensive gun tucked somewhere around the house…

Often it has been, “Tucked-away,” so well that we loose connection, familiarity & comfort in its operation.  It is safer to keep your firearm on a live circuit of regular use.  The frequency should suit your way of life and be enjoyable.

FIRE-FLOW Range Session are your opportunity to stay active.  All experts agree; keeping a gun for home or personal defense involves an amount of live-ammo practice.  We keep your range work bright, respectful and very effective.  The professional coaching really makes a difference.

We help students who express interest in ensuring that their choice to be ready to use a firearm in defense if needed, is backed up by a practical (& enjoyable) approach to practice.  A great amount can be accomplished through empty-gunning / dry firing.  Many students are surprised by the translation of our ACCELERATOR classes to effective range shooting.  This being said, it is still necessary to set a minimum of actual live ammo sessions.

We are here to help you learn how to do this on your own & to provide a shooting refresher should it come to be needed.

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