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Some bridges take a while to form…

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Finding answers, overcoming challenges…Requires patience. Resilient applying of care…This is the key.


Guy Masterson

Management Directive Specialist & Troubleshooter – Executive Command Dynamics Inc. hop to website

Teacher of Defensive Firearms – – Elephant Mountain Firearms Training

NRA Training Counselor – Pureland Security

Excerpts from letters of recommendation, character reference and testimonials:

“He is mature and very thoughtful in extemporaneous situations.”   -Kim

“Guy comes before your review highly recommended.  His attitude is solid and mature.  He adapts and finds solutions.  He is good to work with and doesn’t mind rolling up sleeves and grabbing a shovel when that’s what its going to take.”      -Steve

“If you were to ask anyone that worked with him, they would say he was a pleasure to work with.  In only 6 months Guy made an impact on the company…His never-ending determination to help people and help improve company policies will benefit any company that gives him a chance to help.”      -Gerome

“Perhaps the most notable of Guy’s strengths is his ability to look around and see our operation with fresh eyes.  He doesn’t accept the status quo, but devises new ways of doing things more efficiently…For a better, more profitable way to get the job done.  -Dennis

“He is a good listener and adapts to his customer’s needs wonderfully…I have been very happy with all aspects of the services Guy provided, as well as the fact that it was a pleasure to work with him.  I can recommend him wholeheartedly for whatever endeavor he tackles.”    -Corinna

“In regard to Mr. Guy Masterson, Field Agent, Troubleshooter; Having attended many seminars and classes conducted by Mr. Guy Masterson, I wish to indicate that I consider Mr. Masterson a professional and masterful speaker, trainer and counselor, as he exudes respect for all persons…Each individual –woman, man and child — is treated with respect and fairness.”    -Mary

“It is my feeling that Guy is a successful person.  I have over the years found his honesty to be life impacting.  Real people have values that point beyond this world.  Guy has ways that he is able to deal with everything from firefighting as a volunteer protecting the citizens in the area to teaching firearms in a responsible and respect worthy style to his many interactions with the work and lives of clients in his career as troubleshooter for Strategy Resource International.”       -Jon

“Guy is a special combination of optimistic patience coupled with the wisdom of past experiences and study that is rare in this day.  He is able to quietly observe a situation and interject positive direction that is well thought out…I trust Guy without reservation and respect his willingness to unselfishly pour into others.”     -Eric

Firearm Training:

“If all instructors would emphasize gun safety as you do I feel there would be far fewer accidents in this country.

I would like to commend you on your skills and patience when working with both young students as well as old geezers.

Due to your expert coaching and knowledge of gun safety I have become more confident in my abilities with both revolver and pistol…

The accelerator classes over the winter month have proved to be more rewarding than I ever imagined.  I was greatly surprised at the accuracy and speed of rapid firing on multiple targets  when we went to the range this month.”    -John

“I am honored to write a letter of recommendation for Guy Masterson.  I met Guy while I was studying criminal justice at Mesa State college; the criminal Justice Association was looking for someone willing to teach us firearm safety and certify us for concealed carry all at a reasonable price for us students.  Guy was excited to help us out, and he even created a conceal carry class designed specifically for pre-law enforcement individuals.

When I came to Guy looking for firearm training, I was extremely impressed by how professional and eager he was to help me out – not only with my curiosity about firearms buy with my personal life as well.  I came from a family that know very little about guns and wasn’t very supportive of my interest in them.  After I completed the class, and with the help of Guy, we convinced my mother to try it.  My mom took the class and was blown away by how dedicated Guy was to he specific scenario; he never made her uncomfortable and actually made her more open-minded towards firearms.  She greatly appreciated his patience and concern for safety.

Finally, I would just like to say what an amazing person Guy Masterson is.  He is extremely nice and trustworthy, and it made me – and especially my mother – so happy to have such a calm, well-spoken, and intelligent instructor.  I would never hesitate in recommending Guy, and I am grateful to write this letter for him.  If you have further questions my personal phone is (222) 222-2222.  Sincerely,”     -Mike

The Original Merit Troubleshooter

Glad to E meet you.  Looking forward to the good things we can accomplish together…         -Guy

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