Safe-Home is our Signature Offering in the SAFETY SOURCE division of Strategy Resource International.

Aahhh, the joys of home!

How do you, safely and responsibly, build in a back-line safety plan…

that fits into daily life?

Clearly consider this: in a time of high divorce rates and serious concerns about how children will turnout- plugging in to our natural, healthy defensive instincts is plain wise.  Whether or not a firearm is right for your circumstance, a sound defensive plan should live in your pocket and be kept fresh, just in case…

God gave us the right to defend the value of our lives for good reasons; this makes a super rally point and source of unity for the healthy family.

We have integrated Safe-Home into a special quarterly or bi-annually maintained system called ELEPHANT MOUNTAIN: Training Division of Fire-Safe Homeowners.  We only offer this to clients who connect well with our training methodology and meet a specific set of requirements.  Baby Elephant: Kitchen Table Training Teams has developed as an easier entrance point and simpler maintenance format.  We are fairly stingy on details about these specialized offerings until you have attended our monthly Graceful Guns class, accomplished a Safe-Home diploma or engaged in other specific Graceful Guns offerings.  We are around firearms a lot and for us to stay safe you need to know how to keep the life-time safety system in use.

Safe-Home starts with a Secure Residence Inspection and the assignment of a Safety Factor Rating to the client’s home.  Home defense training is provided in a most responsible and respectful manner and is tailored to the specific details of the occupants, neighborhood and layout.

Price may vary due to distance from Grand Junction, Colorado.  Please consider State laws and local ordinances that may apply.  Naturally, we need to check all this in advance.

Standard price for Safe-Home is $270. 6-9 hours in the home, often in 2 or 3 sessions- though it can be all at once when this is more convenient.

Standard price for Elephant Mountain is $25 per month and per one for ala-cart services.

Standard price for Baby Elephant is $8 per month and per one for ala-cart.

How do you build a safety factor that holds up to an acceptable level when Dad is away?

Child safety solutions are an important part of the answer.

good view up here

We specialize in teaching Dad to teach the rest of the roost.  If you don’t have the background to correctly connect to the sharing of firearms culture, we can help you fill-in the blanks.  It would be a shame to never introduce the ones you love to this prized, life-protecting tool that a gun is.  It does take much safety training.  And it is doable.

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