Rifle Instructor Certification Jan 2020

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Instructor Development Workshop Feb 2020 RTBAV

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Pure-Beginner Gun Class October 2017


“I am so pleased with the whole experience from start to finish!  I can easily see myself continuing to learn and hope to return to future classes.”

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Mother’s Day Annual Refuse To Be A Victim Seminar

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PBGC May 2017 – Pure Beginner Gun Class

Here are some comments from students:

-“Very attentive to each person. I learned so much and now feel comfortable handling a gun. I plan to do much target practice.”

-“Safety reinforced over and over. I felt very comfortable.”

-“I was very impressed and pleased, and a lot of very good information to digest and well worth it. Very well explained and questions answered properly.”

-“Exactly what I needed for a beginner class. Perfect to learn basic information. Great to take the mystery out of guns and takes the fear away. Very empowering.”

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VIDEO – How to Make a Firearm Owners’ Household

You’ve been considering getting your family a great start in the firearm culture…


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Neat Video

This is from our November 2016 Certification Course for Women Pistol Instructors…

“The book of material is great.  I think it will be a great read + guide.  Not to many students made it easier to ask questions + discuss the information.  The course was set up very well for a person to be successful.  Demonstrations with TPI and how to use it where very well done.  Instructors were very knowledgeable in each subject.”    -Anonymous

“This class was awesome!  Though I was pushed out of my comfort zone many times, I feel like I will be a much better pistol instructor because of the hands on teaching, presenting and evaluating we learned.  I truly appreciate your commitment to safety and the example you set for students… Thanks for the enrichment opportunity!  Was well worth the 6 hour drive!”    -Venessa

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Graceful Guns Website Re-dedication!

Elephant Mountain – Heavenly Firearms Training

We have restructured our business entities!

This link goes to the Elephant Mountain LLC page.

This website – the original Graceful Guns site will be rededicated to help share the Graceful Guns philosophy and method of teaching firearm knowledge, skills & attitude.  This system is simply too good to horde just for our own use.  Elephant Mountain is our grandfathered private offering where we use the GG systems.  We will organize Graceful Guns as a methodology that can be engaged by trainers around the world through a certification process.

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Pure-Beginner Gun Class : May 2016

PBGC May 2016 Suzanne shows Teach Freedom“Class was quite informative.  This class would be good for everyone involved in shooting sports, whether they are seasoned shooters needing a refresher course or a novice shooter just learning about firearms.  I have been shooting guns of various kinds for more than 50 years, and I was still able to come away with new knowledge of firearms use and safety. Thank You!” – Anonymous

PBGC May 2016 3 Students Loading

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NRA’s Refuse To Be A Victim Seminar 10/3/15

Refuse-10-15-Pano-CROP-adjust-1For Organizational Optimization purposes we have gathered our firearm and personal protection training options into the Brand Banner ELEPHANT MOUNTAIN LLC.  The allows for excellent firearm insurance bind and greater clarity of pupose in the conduct of our various program offerings.

In Overview: S.R.I., Strategy Resource International is the holdings entity, ELEPHANT MOUNTAIN LLC is the firearms and personal protective offerings.  PURELAND SECURITY is our NRA Program Division of Elephant Mountain…AND!!! Xcom Inc is the entity nick-name (full name is EXECUTIVE COMMAND DYNAMICS INC.) for our business consulting and troubleshooting.

Trade Names of Xcom Inc include: The Strong Company, Highland Global Capital, Maltese Motives – Fire Service Consulting, True Blue Branding & Advanced Visionary Steering.

“Graceful Guns” has come to mean a way of teaching firearm knowledge that differentiates ELEPHANT MOUNTAIN LLC of Grand Junction, Colorado – from all your other options for protective training.  The byline of Elephant Mountain is… “The Firearm Training You Don’t Think Exists.”

By this we mean to say that many people would like to know how to handle firearms, but are not certain that trainings they may attend will suit their sensibilities.  We are the group that fulfills your requirement for respectful treatment, patience, and instructors that don’t get too excited or overly aggressive.  You didn’t know such firearm training exists… NOW, you wonder if it just may in fact… It is our privileged to serve you.

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