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Graceful Guns Regular Monthly Class:  3rd Degree, CCP option

Our regular monthly class turns out to be quite unique.  Some clients come for concealed carry permit authorization, some come for personally enriching safety knowledge and other some for a refresher on the use of force law.

Our certificates are accepted by the Sheriff’s Offices in Mesa, Garfield, Montrose, Delta & more.  Contact us and we will check with your county Sheriff’s Office.

8-4 class day.

3-4 hour range session: 200 rounds, we have guns for you to use and can supply some types of ammo.  The full session is worth shooting and is unexpectedly dynamic.  Students are surprised how much they learned, how well they can shoot when applying correct fundamentals and coaching tips- still, we will permit only 100 rounds in situations where less recoil or cost may be the ticket.

Discounts for Police & family, Military, Fire Service, DA’s Office, Disability, Senior (60+), NRA members, victims of violent crime and other high-risk persons please see Mercy-Wave (you attend free!).

Pat discovers the joy of shooting. Husband Randy says, "My wife & I really enjoyed the instructors and atmosphere. Great training experience."


March 2012 Class, Sydney

A comment from Sydney:  “I’ve taken other courses that were WAY too large so the smaller class was excellent!  Also, the fact we got to shoot at a range was amazing and I had a lot more fun than I anticipated.  I was very comfortable the whole time.  The material was broken down for anyone to understand and comprehend.  The price of the class was extremely reasonable (and much cheaper than other courses I have taken) and I felt very comfortable walking away from this class where at the other classes I did not.  Guy & Suzanne genuinely care about our comfortability and safety.  I now feel that I have the knowledge and experience to apply for my CWP which I didn’t have before.  I cannot wait to sign up for other classes they offer.”

Price $72 – discount.  Most students attend for the amazingly low price of $54 after a 25% OFF discount of one type or another.  We keep the price low on this regular class so that all people who may want the training, and in such a respectful environment, may have it quite reasonably.

Classes are generally limited to 5 students for the sake of each participant coming away with all questions answered and the seeds that grow into knowledgeable confidence well planted!  Please cover rad tattoos and limit facial piercings to one set of standard earrings (or tasteful).  Some students require this preservation of a clean environment and we wish to minimize distractions.  We also prefer this cleaner environment as we have learned from experience that the comforting grace moves more freely.  Dress should be modest and in good working order.  Short sleeves are fine in warm weather; no tank-tops.  Shorts to the knee are fine, short-shorts can be saved for the next occasion.

We utilize the great outdoors for our lead and gunpowder action set.  Please eat well prior to range sessions and remember to bring clothing suited to the weather.  We will shoot through a light spattering of rain.  In the winters it can get a mite chilly especially on the toes.  Bring fluids, suntan lotion & anything you believe will help bring about a most successful shooting experience.  Some student are glad they brought hand wipeys to take the lead off before snacking.  Eyes & Ears!  (Safety Glasses & Hearing Protection!

Looking forward to a fun class…

and you like dragging your kids along everywhere you go!

We are child friendly and believe it is good for children to learn about the firearm heritage and rights we enjoy as a people.  The choice is yours. There are no federal or Colorado State laws that limit the age range for children to attend and even learn to shoot in the company of a guardian.  Our insurance sets no guidelines and our certifying body also maintains an open policy.  Our general rule of thumb, and children vary widely in their level of responsibility and maturity at different age ranges, is 8 for an introduction to shooting.  The Graceful Guns monthly class focuses on defensive shooting and involves discussion of potential scenarios, current events and the bearing of the Colorado Use of Force laws.  Our rule of thumb for this class is age 14, though younger are welcome subject to parental discretion.  Consider bringing them first to our monthly NRA’s Refuse To Be A Victim Seminar and see how they respond to the material.  We believe it can be extremely helpful to kids in this age range to participate in comfortable and professional forums that address these challenging subjects.  Otherwise, they get curious and turn to the rumor mill.  Meet their interest with sound information.  Again, it depend on the parents’ evaluation and purposes.

Will we cover Albert Einstein’s Theory of Relativity? Naturally.  Why do you think this rolls into the mix?  Yes, exactly…Energy Transfer helps us understand ammo options and shooting techniques.

We teamed up three fellows with military background in the December 2012 DPR, see what Nate, at left, thought of the class below...

Nate says, “They are safe, fun & kind.  A married couple taught the class.  Usually one of the spouses shoots and the other spouse does not even care.  You both showed & expressed your passion for guns and concealed carry and our very well spoken.”

“Every lady should take this Graceful Guns Class, it will make you feel confident and comfortable using a gun.”  – Darlene

“I appreciated the small class size for individual attention.  The background behind the law applicable to this area was very helpful.”  -Amy


Guy talks about when and how to run.


Chris & BOO, March 2012 Class

What does Chris say about class:  “100% better than the first class I took!  Very pleased.  Instructors are very patient & Informative.”


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